Friday, April 26, 2013

Spring Workshop is just one week away!

Workshop weekend is almost here!

We're looking forward to learning how to make a variety of faux gems and imitation wonders of the natural world next week when Randee Ketzel comes to town for our Surf and Turf bracelet workshop. It's not too late to join us so send an email to berecca @ a o l . c o m if you're interested in attending.

Also next weekend, a few of our members will be manning a booth on Sunday, May 5 at the Creative Marketplace outdoor artists market in Verona, PA. This is the first weekend for the monthly event that will be happening all summer, so go check it out.

April 21 Clay Day report

We planned out a slate of demos and activities for the next few months which you can see on our web page,

Irene Hill demonstrated a faux ceramic technique. During our clay time the fire house alarms went off and the firemen and trucks went flying out the big doors. Thankfully, the alarm had nothing to do with our heat gun usage for the demo...we all thought it would be very bad form to start a fire in the fire station! No chance of that because we followed good ventilation procedures -- for the portion of the demo that required slight scorching of the clay, we took the project outside!

Our room at the fire house has plenty of space for us to spread out our tools, as you can see by this photo of  Selma in front and Judy in the distance. We didn't even mind sharing space with the fryers left out from the Lenten fish fry!