Sunday, January 19, 2014

January Clay Day...aaand we're back!

Our first Clay Day of 2014! It's good to be back with the gang!
Kathy was cranking the extruder, Rebecca was mixing clay colors, Denise was creating undersea creatures. We talked about our fearless leaders' (Barb and Les) soon-to-be opened gallery and studio space in Verona. Irene pondered the color blends to make Radiant Orchid and Judy was hatching plans for a frame for our bead strings. Laura told us about teaching a class in Argentina and Wendy dropped off a collection of hula hoops.

Our spring workshop is coming up March 15-16, 2014 with Christi Friesen. We'll be doing a floral wall hanging.

Clay Day agendas:

  • 10 - 11 am: Show and Tell. New items you're working on and/or the results of our latest challenges go on the table for all to see and admire
  • 11- Noon: Have questions about how to do something? Now's the time to ask
  • Noon - 1 pm: Demo of the Day
  • February : "Show and Tool Day"  bring your favorite clay tools or tricks to show to the gang or tell about a almost-disaster you wiggled out of with some ingenious solution!
  • March TBD: TBD
  • April 27: Etsy, Flickr, Blogger, Facebook, to use them all together (Rebecca Watkins)
  • May 18: Silhouette cutter system for polymer clay (Barb Kaczor)
  • June TBD: Finishing your jewelry -- hardware tips for clasps  (Kathy Bintrim)
  • July 20: Simple relief face sculpture (Les Polinko)
  • August TBD: 
  • September TBD: Pasta Machine surgery (take it apart, clean it, and put it back together better than new!)
  • 1-3 pm: Clay your own way!

All activities are voluntary but if you want to see the demo, make sure you're there by noon.
(The officers take a half hour out of free clay time for a board meeting.)

Visit our website for directions to the Swissvale Fire House

seated: Laura Tabakman, Kathy Brintrim, Les Polinko, Denice Girardeau
Standing: Irene Hill, Judy Slater, Barb Kaczor

"Now, what kind of fun can I have with all of these?" said Rebecca.

Kathy's got quite a collection of mica powders!

Wishing all of you a colorful new year full of creative ideas!