Sunday, March 27, 2011

PPCG members teach on

Three Pittsburgh Polymer Clay Guild members are instructors on

Denise Graham
Still Life Floral Clay Painting

In the class, Denise demonstrates the technique on a floral still life. After you learn basic techniques, you can apply them to any subject matter you like, such as Denise's fish at left or the many examples on her flickr gallery.


Lesley Polinko 
FREE BASIC Tutorial: Human Body, Face Proportions, and a Little Leo! 
FREE BASIC: Basic Polymer Clay Sculpture  
FREE BASIC: Basic Armature for Sculpture

Lesley teaches basic anatomy and sculpture techniques in three free classes. The beautiful green lady at left started as wire and basic clay shapes, too, and then Lesley built her up with more clay, color, and fiber (and, most importantly, many years of observation and diligent work!) 


Laura Tabakman
Spikes Pendant

Laura's spikes class will get your ideas can take what you learn here and go in a million directions with your own color schemes and arrangements.

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