Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sarah Shriver Workshop: A Good Time Was Had by All!

Sarah is a great teacher and this intricate Kaleidoscope Caning class had a lot of "content" (how many times did she say this word today?) so it kept us busy for the entire two days.
The class structure was perfect...Sarah would take 20 minutes to show us a few steps and then we'd go back to our tables for 60-90 minutes so to try it. And look how nice they all turned out!
This was where we left it at the end of the first day:

Canes, canes, and more canes!

Barbie Mullinix

Deanna Miller

Deb Rusonis

Denise Graham

Denice Girardeaux

Diane Dick

Kathy Bintrim

Sarah Shriver's demos made during class.

Selma Andrews

Wendy Casperson

Diane's variations on her canes.
After the first cane was built, we cut it into smaller pieces ,
and put the pieces together in new ways.

back row: Barbie, Rebecca, Kathy, Denise, Deb, Selma
front row: Marcy, Sarah, Denice, Diane, Deanna, Wendy
(Cathy had to leave early.)

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  1. Wow! that looked like a lot of fun.... Wish I couldda been there...I miss you all so much.
    See you in October.