Sunday, May 5, 2013

Surf & Turf Workshop photos, part 1

Here's the happy group of clayers!
From Left to right (front and back rows): Deanna Miller, Judy Slater, Wendy Casperson, Laura Tabakman, Deb Zaniewski, Denise Graham, Cathy Roth, Randee Ketzel, Linda Small, Denice Girardeaux, Selma Andrews, and Jan Montarsi.

Below are a few photos of work by members of our Guild at the end of the Surf & Turf Bracelet (faux techniques) workshop with Randee Ketzel.
More pictures to come later this week.

Rebecca Watkins
Denise Graham
Deanna Miller
Deb Zaniewski
Laura Tabakman
Selma Andrews

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